China Anal Balm Cream 15ml


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China Anal Balm is the ultimate anal desensitizing cream that promises to revolutionize your intimate experiences and elevate your pleasure to extraordinary levels. With a potent formula containing 10% benzocaine, this balm is specially crafted to provide you with optimal comfort during anal play.

Using China Anal Balm is effortless. Simply apply a small amount of the cream to the desired area, and patiently wait for the desensitizing effect to take hold. To heighten your pleasure even further, combine China Anal Balm with your favourite lubricant. The harmonious blend of desensitizing properties and lubrication ensures smooth and pleasurable penetration, enabling you to explore new realms of pleasure with absolute confidence.

Savor the cherry-flavoured delight of China Anal Balm as you dive into your intimate encounters. The delectable taste adds an exciting twist to your experiences, making each moment a truly enjoyable journey of passion and connection. With the 10% benzocaine formula, China Anal Balm is your gateway to unforgettable pleasure and lasting fulfillment.

Liquid Volume: 0.5 oz / 15ml
Brand: Nasstoys

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