Dorcel Remote Control Geisha Training Balls Kit


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Dorcel intends to transform the world of geisha balls with its kit specially designed for the brand's 40th anniversary.

Every woman who wants to strengthen her perineum and vagina, for example after childbirth, can do pelvic floor exercises, to help strengthen their vagina.
Every woman who enjoys masturbation, vaginal stimulation, can use these geisha balls for solitary pleasures.

Take back control of your vagina, and your sexuality!

In addition to the classic function of these geisha balls, you can also enjoy vibrations thanks to the vibrating ball. This is yet another possibility to have fun with this kit.
Finally, for all naughty couples, the remote control offers the possibility to play with your partner. Let them decide when they will press the buttons to send you into ecstasy

Each ball contains a marble inside: each movement triggers a contraction of the perineum. The longer you keep the balls inside you, the stronger your vaginal muscles become. This triggers a virtuous cycle: the stronger your perineum is, the better you feel your partner inside you during sex, and therefore the more pleasure you feel.

The different weights of the balls changes the level of difficulty of the exercises. The heavier the ball is, the harder it is to keep it inside. It is up to you to be strong enough to keep the Geisha balls in your vagina.

Each ball has a different weight:

  • Black colour: 20g
  • Silver colour: 32g
  • Gold colour: 41g
  • Bronze colour: 52g
  • Rose Gold colour: 65g

This kit includes:

  • 4 non-vibrating balls of different weights
  • 1 remote-controlled vibrating ball with 16 vibration modes
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 sling to attach 2 balls of your choice
  • 1 sling to attach 1 ball of your choice
  • USB charging cable
  • Multiple combinations to test, to strengthen your perineum, or to have more fun!

Ball Diameter: 1.4 Inches / 3.5 cm
Power: USB Rechargeable / 1 x LR41 battery
Material: Silicone / ABS
Brand: Dorcel

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